About Jello Family

About Us

We believe that the connection in a friendship is very important, so this card is meant to show how valuable you find your friendship or to strengthen your friendship. You can send this card to Friends, Family, Loved ones, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Colleagues or even your Neighbours. To everyone! With this card you let the other person know that you find the connection in your friendship important.

Our Goal

What we want to achieve is that people start thinking about doing more positive things. You already make a start by sending this card. You make the recipient of the card happy. You will put a smile on their face!!
With this small gesture you will make a start. 

An angry person will stay angry, A sad person may stay sad and a happy person is always happy.
Ask yourself, who do you want to be? Do you want to be a happy person, then do happy things. Like sending this card and make someone smile. Start doing positive things TODAY! Make this a better world, start with yourself.