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Give someone a moment of happiness!


By creating a unique postcard, it gives both the sender and the recipient a moment of happiness. Making a personal postcard is also fun. You also show in a nice way that you care about someone or that you think about someone. Share extra love and attention with those around you. Especially in this day and age. Good luck 🙂



Send a postcard and let them know that you find your relationship valuable or that you want to strengthen your relationship. You can send this postcard to your Friends, Family, Loved ones, Grandparents, Grandchildren, Colleagues or even your Neighbours. Send it to anyone you care about.

Share your memories, and keep that gesture forever

The postcard is about 4,2 Inch by 5,6 Inch

(10,7 cm by 14,2 cm)

Safety margin for cutting edge

When you take a photo or choose from your gallery, keep in mind that the edges need to be cut.

We have made the edges transparent in the preview of your personal postcard. That see-through border is the margin of safety. So pay attention!

Tree Donations

Did you know that when you order your personal postcard you automatically donate by planting trees?

Loneliness in the world

Let’s stand still at this moment that we still have each other. Send a personal postcard to someone who currently needs love. There are many people who are alone now and with this postcard you can give them a moment of happiness

Couple Photo

Surprise your love with a beautiful photo of a wonderful memory. Show how much you appreciate your relationship!

Family photo

On vacation? Take a beautiful picture and send it to your friends and family. Show them that you are thinking about them on your wonderful vacation. 


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